On Villainy By Tom Knighton

According To Hoyt

On Villainy

By Tom Knighton

A hero is only as good as his villain. Personally, I’ve always felt that the best villains are ones that can be related to on some level. They villains seem to have some driving force that we can understand. What makes them evil is that they take this relatable force and use it to cross every boundary that decent people hold dear.

However, villains are another area where what works in fiction doesn’t always reflected in reality.

Right now, the most popular villain is the turdnugget who decided to walk into a church in Charleston, SC and kill people for nothing more than the color of their skin. This is something that the vast majority of us are unable to comprehend. I mean, skin tone is as arbitrary a dividing line as hair color or eye color, so why kill people for just that factor?

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