6 July 2015. (Mostly Orthodox) Points from My Correspondence

Voices from Russia



I’m in plain type; my interlocutors are in italics. The events of the last two months in the Church here have been “interesting”… that’s NOT a good thing…



However, NEVER call it the Eastern Ukraine… call it the Donbass or Novorossiya… otherwise, to call it “Ukrainian” gives legitimacy to the junta’s invasion. Holy Rus is under attack… it behoves all Orthodox to get with it and SUPPORT the Orthodox side. Yet, we don’t… there are traitors in both OCA and ROCOR… Potapov, Vassa Larina, Kishkovsky & daughter, Serge Schmemann, Jillions (not to mention Dreher, Freddie M-G, Mattingly, and Reardon)… to name a few.

Did you notice Mollard in Armenia? A friend of mine at the Centre said that Peredelkino paid for it. They had him sitting next to Rostislav Gont, the Czech white hat (there was no caption, but it was obvious to all those in the…

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