A sweeping saga disguised as a tiny tome


This is not so much a book review, as it is a plea to the publisher of Les Catacombes – Histoire du Paris souterrainto issue the title in English.

But before I say a word about this extraordinary little volume (or why you should buy it and just Google Translate it) I must first disclose that its author is a friend. I met Gilles Thomas because of his book Les Catacombes de Paris, which I credited in a different post. He saw the mention, dropped me a note, and voilà. Underground adventures galore!

Braye quarry climb BLOG Yours truly, hoping she doesn’t fall.

Gilles watching out 1220328 EMAIL My friend Gilles, also hoping I don’t fall.

Gilles underground 1240981 EMAIL Gilles, showing me one of the “doors” into the catacombes.

That fact has not influenced my opinion of this book, however.

What has influenced my opinion is the almost incredible breadth of this work, which draws on more than…

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