AL JAZEERA JUMPS IN – by Dave Martins

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Dave Martins Dave Martins

AL JAZEERA JUMPS IN – by Dave Martins

Coincidences can be an intriguing part of life. For the past two weeks, for example, I had been in a back-and-forth with a publisher, Desmond Roberts, of the Guyana Diaspora Times magazine, produced electronically in New York. He had asked me to consider doing a story about the origins of the song “Not A Blade O’ Grass” that I wrote some 40 years ago and on the history of it since. I have written about this before, in this newspaper and elsewhere, and felt I had covered the subject. I thought the case was closed.

And then, a few days ago, I picked up the phone at home one day, and out of the blue, Dennis Chabrol, of Demerara Waves, another publisher, was on the line telling me that Al Jazeera was coming to Guyana and wanted to interview…

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