Britain blows £9m helping Nigerians to export ROCKS: Corrupt officials are filling containers with boulders instead of leather so they can pocket the money


From Mail Online, Jul 2015


Britain has squandered millions of pounds in aid money to fund a project in Nigeria designed to boost leather exports – but has instead seen corrupt officials shipping rocks overseas.

An investigation found that taxpayers’ money was being wasted on schemes that the Department for International Development (Dfid) turned a blind eye to if they went wrong and actually in some cases made poverty worse in the country.

A watchdog also claimed Dfid beefed up its achievements on projects to make them sound more successful than they were.

And in a blistering attack on the waste of taxpayers’ money, MP Margaret Hodge accused the department of a ‘terrible waste of money’ after paying billions to ‘expensive consultants with massive mark ups’ rather than have their own in-house workers.

A total of £250million of British money is given to Nigeria every year.

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