Driven personalities

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Driven personalities
For reading & meditation – Proverbs 18
“The tongue has the power of life and death ‘” (v.21) Don’t think that your words will be overlooked and easily erased. I can remember the words of a teacher who made me stand up in a crowded classroom and said something that pierced my heart, leaving a deep scar. The hurt has gone now and forgiveness had dealt with the residual effects, but the memory burned within me for years. Any counselor will tell you how unkind and cruel words spoken to a child in its early years have shaped and molded his life for good or for bad. A minister tells of talking to a forty-two-year-old man who was frantically working himself into exhaustion – “a volatile human being whose temper exploded at the slightest hint of disagreement or criticism.” He found that during childhood this man’s father repeatedly…

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