‘My house is black inside’: Metro Vancouver plagued by acrid smoke and ash from B.C. wildfires

National Post

As residents in Metro Vancouver cringed at the smell of smoke and ash across the city, Kristy Waters was much closer to the acrid haze and a darkened sky that some compared to an eclipse.

“My house is black inside just from leaving one or two windows open,” said Waters, who lives just below the area where the Old Sechelt Mine fire has been growing since Thursday evening.

“All the windowsills are covered in ash. Even the toilet is all covered is ash. It smells like burning, burning smoke and it’s almost like it is snowing ash.”

Jonathan Hayward/ The Canadian Press Jonathan Hayward/ The Canadian Press

With reports of the fire growing in size from 35 to 60 and now to 80 hectares, her parents, who live across the street, were staying in touch with “the main authorities” about possible evacuation orders.

As St Mary’s Hospital in nearby Sechelt filled to at capacity and…

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