Vox Peccavi

Situation Friendly Forces

29 June

The KANO State Government has welcomed the verdict of the Sharia Court in the death sentence for blasphemy of Sheikh NYASS and his 8 accomplices.

The legal adviser to the CJTF Barrister Jubril GUNDA stated that 603 vigilantes had been killed intercepting PBSIEDs at a 2 day summit on Security and Governance by CLEEN Foundation, Nigeria Stabilisation and Reconciliation Programme and Ford Foundation in GOMBE, GOMBE State. He also stated that there were 25, 000 in BORNO State and that 2000 had joined the Army, 120 had joined the DSS and 40 the NAF.

100 prisoners have been transferred by the military from MAIDUGURI, BORNO State to several unknown locations around the country. The enemy fighters were reportedly captured in SAMBISA Forest and were allegedly transported in batches of 50 on NAF C 130 from NAF KAINJI, MAIDUGURI on 21 June and 24 June. Media…

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