PA Appeals Court Upholds Issuance of a Permit for Conversion of Existing Sign to a Digital Sign


H.A. Steen Industries, Inc. d/b/a Steen Outdoor Advertising applied for and Philadelphia Department of Licenses and Inspections (L & I) issued, as of right, a Permit allowing Steen to convert the sign face to a digital format. Callowhill Neighborhood Association, Michelle Liao, Leslie Stahl, John Struble, Peter Kendzierski, Gwynne Keathly, George Brooks, Chinese Christian Church and Chinatown Development Corporation (collectively “Objectors”) filed a petition for appeal challenging the issuance of the Permit for a number of reasons: the change to digital format did not comply with the Outdoor Advertising and Non–Accessory Advertising Controls of the Zoning Code; the format change was prohibited by the Special Sign Controls for Area Surrounding the Vine Street Parkway and Benjamin Franklin Bridge Approach of the Zoning Code because the sign is located on Vine Street; the change would have an adverse impact on surrounding properties resulting in a public nuisance; and the sign is…

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