Paragary’s Refresh Adds To Sacramento’s Farm-To-Fork Cred

CBS Sacramento

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – After undergoing a million dollars’ worth of renovations, Paragary’s in Midtown Sacramento has a new story to tell.

From locally-sourced sausages sizzled to perfection to precisely sautéed corn and green beans, this strict kitchen is as seasonal as it looks.

Paragary’s, located in Midtown Sacramento, dates back to 1983. It’s Randy Paragary’s fifteenth restaurant in town – and he decided it was time for an upgrade.

“The competition in town started creating more attractive places,” Paragary said.

Thirteen restaurants opened in the capital city last year alone. So, Paragary gave this one a unique touch: A new Mediterranean look, only, with the same fresh concept he owes his success to.

“Then it was called California cuisine, but it was the same as fresh seasonal and local ingredients,” Paragary said.

It’s called “farm-to-fork.” It’s the fresh food movement Sacramento’s trying to live by. With an annual gala dinner…

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