Receiving the refugees of the sexual revolution…


shutterstock_182299751Our churches need to be the places who can receive the refugees from the sexual revolution – those who have been hurt and harmed by it. We can’t do that if we give up the Gospel… And we can’t do that if we’re angry at our neighbors and screaming at them rather than loving them…” – Russell Moore, President, Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, Southern Baptist Convention

Some members of our online community may have noticed that I’ve maintained a lower than usual profile over the last ten days or so. I struggle personally with anger management and self-regulating my emotions at times, as anyone who has been in my office can attest when an insurance company refuses to cover a necessary treatment or my family can attest when a Cleveland team is confronted with “questionable” officiating during the last five minutes of a playoff game.

Reverend Moore’s article (highly…

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