The Po Po Know Boy Better Know

Samuel Wordsmith

It is probably fair to say that police and grime are not a natural pairing. However, that’s not to say that opposites don’t work. At some point in the early nineties, someone decided to put a muscled up body builder with a think Austrian accent in a Hollywood movie about a kindergarten class and that worked out quite well…

The following video depicts what happened when urban music star, JME, notices a police van circle back to him after they notice the 30-year-old musician sitting in the driver seat of his car.

However, JME – who performed this weekend and the weekend before at Wireless festival 2015 alongside brother and founding member of the Boy Better Know label, Skepta – didn’t get the response he was expecting. So unexpected was the encounter that JME couldn’t even find the words to finish the video – just a laugh and a smile.

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