[TRANS] 150706 Lee Bum Soo talked about JYJ Jaejoong at his fanmeeting in Tokyo last July 4


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There was an incident that Jaejoong had hit me with his fist. Jaejoong kept on apologizing, saying sorry over and over again. “Jaejoong was in shock that he wasn’t able to eat.” This shows the gentle and delicate personality of Jaejoong.

Lee Bum Soo’s impression of Kim Jaejoong: I am very glad to worked with him again after ‘Dr Jin’, Jaejoong is a very dedicated actor, always trying to learn. He does not forget to smile, doesn’t give a hard expression even if there are difficulties in shooting/long hours of shooting. We had a serious scene together, a very emotional one, and Jaejoong has fully portrayed his character. He is a great actor.

Translated by: rubypurple_fan
Shared by:JYJ3

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