When Your Girlfriend Watches Netflix Without You [LABS] | Elite Daily


For our generation, the phrase, ?If you really love me, you’ll wait,? is solely used in reference to online streaming services.

Before Netflix, watching a television series as a couple was a bonding experience. Now, it?s really just a measurement of fidelity.

See how this couple handles the all-too-familiar issue of “Netflix cheating.”

All I know is this: When I get married, my Netflix password will be included in the prenuptial agreement.

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Keith Rubin
Allison Brown
Linda Hendrick

Writer/Director/Editor: Skyler Fulton
Director of Photography: Colin Kelly
Assistant Director: Camille D?Elia
Sound Mixer: Robert Albrecht
Assistant Camera/Gaffer: Nick Massey
Senior Producer: David Potvin
Production Assistant: Rebecca Hovel

Music courtesy of:
Max Alper
Extreme Music
?No Hands: Alternative Version 3?
Composed by Andrew McNeill, Tony Morley, Rachel Wood

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Twitter: http://twitter.com/EliteDaily

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