Cuban Dusts On DeAndre & Wes

CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

By Mike Fisher | @fishsports

DALLAS (CBSDFW) — Mark Cuban is trying to bite his tongue regarding the DeAndre de-committment, so maybe it’s wise he is using his CyberDust account — featuring messages that disappear after you read them — to address Jordan’s jump.

“There will be a time when I detail everything I know regarding the last 48 hours,” Cuban writes in a Thursday morning CyberDust message. “I don’t think the time is right to say anything beyond the facts that he never responded to me at all yesterday. Not once. To this minute I have not heard anything from him since Tuesday night.’’

Cuban will have more to say on this matter, surely, and so will the NBA. Jordan’s decision to agree with Dallas via free agency but then to spurn them to instead return to the Clippers creates an unprecedented mess for all involved.

The Mavs owner…

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