Evesham Police Searching For Man Who Allegedly Posed As NYPD Officer After High-speed Chase

CBS Philly

EVESHAM, NJ (CBS) – Police in South Jersey are searching for a man who supposedly posed as an NYPD officer following a high-speed chase.

The investigation reportedly began on July 5th around 3:12 a.m., when an Evesham Police Officer who was patrolling the area saw a vehicle driving carelessly on Route 73.

The driver allegedly refused to stop and accelerated at a high rate of speed.

Evesham police say that “due to the inherent risk of the driver’s actions,” the officer stopped pursuing the vehicle after the driver crossed over the grass median of Route 73 into oncoming traffic.

The vehicle was later located by police in the parking lot of 701 W. Route 70. The driver, identified as 51-year-old Daniel McCarthy, had fled the scene, and a remaining female passenger in the car told officers she had just met the male driver and he had identified himself as a…

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