Grand Jury Names Accidentally Made Public

CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

COLLIN CO. (KRLD) — An employee at the Collin County District Clerk’s office accidentally sent a secret document listing members of a grand jury to 93 e-mail recipients.

Many of them were not supposed to get the list.

By law, proceedings of the grand jury are supposed to be secret. However, a deputy District Court clerk hit the wrong group message button and e-mailed the names of all the grand jury members.

For some it was no harm, no foul. Recipients included judges clerks and attorneys, people who can typically see such a list. But the list also includes several reporters, and Buzzard Billy’s Bail Bonds, recipients clearly not intended to get the names of the grand jury.

While embarrassing, and technically a violation of the law, former Dallas County Chief Criminal District Judge John Creuzot doubts heads will roll.

“There is a provision that says that you should not give out the names…

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