The Explorer

A Little About Everything

awesomeness-free-girl-hair-nature-favim-com-411952She walks away with steady steps, not fearing what she would leave behind. She follows her instinct to walk away, because for her, she is exploring the unknowns. She is getting in touch with her inner soul.  She walks, not worrying of what others would think of her, and how life would treat her. Life has always been mean anyway. She just walks away to catch up with her childhood dreams. She will have the courage to face whatever she meets with a happy heart. She walks away of everything and everyone that is familiar to her, to create a new life with everything that she has not known before. She will meet new souls in the attempt of learning more. She will be the explorer of life. She leaves behind her restless mind to reach a clearer state of mind. She will be exploring more about everything, starting with…

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