The War on Obesity – Even if it Kills Us

Dances With Fat

Stand up speak up fight backI often talk about the war on obesity in terms of the way in which it’s goal is to eradicate fat people.  Every once in a while someone will object to my use of the term eradication. They say that even though these people are vocal about their desire for a world without fat people, they’re not actually trying to eradicate us since they would allow us to exist in peace if we became thin people.

I disagree. First of all because suggesting that they don’t want to eradicate me theoretical thin me is some bullshit. I’m not a thin woman covered in fat, I’m a fat woman, and so a world without fat people is a world in which I do not exist.

But a look at the reality of the situation shows pretty quickly that the people who want a war on obesity want a world without fat people by any…

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