5 ways to make people think you’ve got your shit together

World's Weirdest Disco

1. Get a whiteboard

Then make lots of lists on it. It doesn’t matter if the lists are relevant to your life in any way, as long as it looks like you have a ton of shit to do and you are sensible enough to write down what that is. I’ve had the same list for about six months, barely adding or removing an item. “Buy replacement water filters” is staying for life.

2. Wear a watch

I don’t actually wear a watch, which is probably why my shit is not together. I always notice that people who wear watches look way more professional and organised than the people who check their phone every five minutes. Even if they’re just wandering around the pudding aisle in the supermarket, they give the impression that any moment now, with a quick flick of their wrist, they may have to abandon their pudding…

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