Beats and Pieces

Heart confetti from books. Definitely would look great on the tables.

Sometimes, I forget.

When I read novels, especially about romance, I forget about reality and unknowingly, I let myself live vicariously though the characters. I am the reserved, quiet girl who is in love with the most popular guy in school and for some strange reason the stars aligned and he loves me back. I am the middle-aged woman who suffers from heartbreak because she was trapped in a loveless marriage for so many years, but I’ve ran away to pursue my happiness and I’m not looking back. I am that young woman with an awful reputation because I’ve dated more guys than I can count– but they don’t know that my deep-rooted insecurities need a heart to latch on and those broken relationships keep me going. I am all these people fiddling with all types and shapes of love and I lose myself between the lines of the pages and I…

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