Book Review: The Doll – Mexican Child’s Play

Literary Homicide with TropicalMary

I’m not a doll lover. Well, that’s not entirely accurate. I hate dolls. They’re creepy and have lifeless eyes that are always watching you. God help me if the eyes blink or if I ever come face-to-face with a ventriloquist dummy. I know that I’m not the only one that hates these foul excuses for a child’s toy! Yet, I decided to read this book…

The Plot

Joyce Parker and her daughter, Taylor, are on holiday in Mexico and how can you go to Mexico and not visit the la Isla de la Munecas? Amirite?! Joyce is suitably mortified by the island and its decaying dolls but she explores it anyway. While doing a walkabout, she and her daughter happen upon an old hut which houses a shrine/alter for the little girl who was said to have died on the island. Joyce and Taylor return home, no-one the worse…

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