From a Distant Star: Karen McQuestion

The Aspiring Writer

From a Different StarFrom a Distant Star, written by Karen McQuestions,  is a strange combination of Invasion of the Bodysnatchers, Paul and The Host. Reading a book that had so many different similarities to other stories was a bit disorienting, but there was a happy ending and I finished the book fairly satisfied.

WARNING: spoilers ahead. Read at your own risk.

Note: How awesome is this cover?!


Main Characters:

Emma Garson. A 17-year-old honor student from the wrong side of the tracks living in Wisconsin. She has an inner strength about her I find charming, as well as her kindheartedness. However, her naiveté got to be a bit irritating. She’s completely and totally in love with Lucas (see below).

Lucas Walker. An 18-year-old Golden Boy dying of Stage 4 cancer. Karen McQuestion makes certain to point out that before the cancer, every guy wanted to be Lucas, and every girl…

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