Iran nuclear talks, America doesn’t negotiate, it demands

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US Bullying Iran to Capitulate in Nuclear Talks

by Stephen Lendman

Iran nuclear talks continue without resolution – whether possible looks tenuous at best. US bullying bears full responsibility.

America doesn’t negotiate. It demands – at the same time blaming others for its do what we say or else position.
“(W)e are not going to sit at the negotiating table forever,” John Kerry blustered on Thursday. “If tough decisions don’t get made, we are absolutely prepared to call an end to this process” – code language saying resolution depends on Iran’s capitulation to outrageous, unacceptable US demands.
On Thursday, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif accused Western P5+1 countries (mainly America) of “shift(ing) positions and (making) excessive demands.”
They’ve “made the negotiations difficult,” he said. “We want a dignified agreement and negotiations, and we will continue to negotiate. The deal would be within reach should the other side seek an honorable…

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