John Starley Allen’s A Splash of Kindness Blog Tour Plus Bonus Author Interview

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A Splash of Kindness is the perfect feel good book. Just as its blurb says This book celebrates the positive results of acts of kindness. A Splash of Kindness is a book for anyone who is looking for inspirational stories.

It was written by John Starley Allen who is also the author of the holiday classic Christmas Gifts, Christmas Voices. Just to top it off he is also a gold record award–winning songwriter. He has performed his music at Nashville’s iconic Bluebird Café and the Country Music Hall of Fame. You can actually listen to one of his songs here.

Click on the image of his book to get direct access to its Amazon page or just use this link.

Now, I said a bonus Author Interview, didn’t I? Well, here it is.


1. What are your favorite authors?

F. Scott Fitzgerald is my favorite “overall” writer. For…

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