Nutter On Trump: ‘He Seems To Be A Person Who Needs A Significant Amount Of Attention’

CBS Philly

By Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Mayor Nutter had some choice words for republican presidential candidate and reality TV star Donald Trump this week.

They mayor says Trump was a frequent topic of conversation during Nutter’s three-day trade trip to Mexico and, the mayor didn’t hold back from weighing in.

“Vicious, it’s negative, it’s vile and just kind of violates general human decency.”

But what does Mayor Nutter really think about Trump’s comments on Mexican immigrants? He didn’t leave much doubt when asked about it on his return.

He says he was just as outspoken while in Mexico, where citizens and officials were up in arms over the candidate’s assertion that immigrants bring drugs and crime, and are rapists.

“Sometimes people go to the base level of whatever is in the darkest corner of their minds.”

At the same time, Nutter doesn’t think anyone should take Trump’s remarks too seriously.


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