Random Movie Review: Advantageious

darcil beyond abroad

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This is streaming on Netflix right now, or I doubt I’d ever have found it, and that would have been a great loss.


The story is set far in the future. Women, and girls, are increasingly infertile. But other than that one thing, honestly, the world isn’t all that different. Children feel compelled to achieve and be successful, and their parents feel the need to push them. There’s terrorism and a need to look attractive.

And, interestingly, because of this far future thing, a shrinking job field. Lots of people out of work. And some have decided it’s a better idea to send women workers back to the home then to put desperate men out on the streets. (That is almost the exact phrasing, I think.) To punctuate that idea, I think, there are background messages in the form of television news reports about child sex trafficking and…

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