[Re-Read] A Clash of Kings – Theon IV

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What is it? Did I hear something? Someone?

Just last chapter, we talked about how the Lord of Winterfell could never be anything but a Stark and this is one piece of evidence for it. Theon doesn’t feel fully at home as the Lord of Winterfell and while his general paranoia and anxiety could explain it easily, we should note that its a recurring trend.

If Asha does not come…

It’s remarkable just how little thought was put into this plan. In Theon’s previous chapter, we had a little talk about how Theon screwed himself over by trying to have his cake and eat it too; he wanted to claim Winterfell as an Ironborn raider, to pay the iron price for his prize, but at the same time, Ned’s influence on him compelled him to want to rule and be a good lord instead of just some thieving raider…

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