The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss


This was a pain to read, to be honest. If not for some parts in the middle, and the last few chapters, I would’ve rated this 2 stars. The first chapters were very slow and dull. Nothing made me want to go on. If not for some people who asked me to continue on and finish this, I would’ve rated this 1 star and left it unfinished.

Kvothe, at first, was terribly boring. He tried to be the cool tough guy in front of Chronicle [Devan Lochees], but all I saw was a pretentious man. That being said, I was already annoyed at first, thus there was no motivation to continue on. Chronicle [Devan Lochees] was mildly interesting, yet knowing that he wasn’t the main character to begin with, it wasn’t enough to make me continue on [at first]. As the novel progressed though, I learned to like Kvothe. Once…

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