Too Many Books


Growing up can really suck sometimes. I mean in many ways it’s a lot better than childhood, but in some ways it can really blow. Dealing with taxes, jobs, the economy, bills, debt, and parents who constantly pester you with, “When are we gonna be grandparents?” can really wear a person down. You ask any pencil pusher today if they would want to go back to fourth grade for a week, and I’d wager a majority of them would offer you nearly any depraved sexual favor for such an opportunity. Elementary school, now that was fun! Snack time, story time, recess, work was easy and fun, you got to paint and sing and play games nearly every day – that was the good life gone too soon, a time when things weren’t as annoying or stressful. Of course, school at that age wasn’t without its occasional faults, like cafeteria food…

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