Editing Classical Arabic Texts: It’s Not Just Making Buggy Whips


In the fourth session of “A Corpus Not a Canon: A Workshop on the Library of Arabic Literature,” a panel series hosted by Dame Marina Warner and LAL General Editor Philip Kennedy at All Souls College, Oxford in April, the focus was on editing the corpus, including methods and approaches to establishing the texts, linguistic difficulty, the history of transmission, and — importantly — the audience for the Arabic side of these books:

buggy-whip-2LAL Editorial Board member Michael Cooperson led the discussion, which also included fellow Board members Devin Stewart, Joseph Lowry, and Julia Bray, and focused on Virtues of the Imām Aḥmad ibn Ḥanbal, by Ibn al-Jawzī, edited and translated by Michael Cooperson; Disagreements of the Jurists, by al-Qāḍī al-Nuʿmān, edited and translated by Devin Stewart; and Consorts of the Caliphs, edited by Shawkat M. Toorawa and translated by the Editors of the Library of Arabic…

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