GE2015 minus 28: ok, it’s your turn…

budgie's perch

A while back, I wrote fairly disparagingly about Labour’s obvious lack of professionalism, and ended by saying:

This should be the time when the official opposition should be challenging the government every bloody day. And they’re not. At all. They should – less than a year out from the next general election – be ripping the Government a new hole daily. Do I want a Labour party in power? I don’t know – show me their next manifesto and I’ll tell you. Until then, I’d be content with them proving they actually bloody want the job.

Well, the past few weeks, Labour have at least started acting like they want to be in government. At the same time, however, I’m becoming far less convinced than I once was that the Conservatives actually want to continue in government. No-one is truly expecting anything other than a hung parliament after the election…

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