A Spot of Happenstance

The Words & Madness of Chloe Stowe

stockvault-easy-glider100444There’s a spot of luck in creating a good story.

Not everything is planned, no matter how OCD’d the outline might be.

Sometimes, like in life, happenstance arrives and it is good.

As I’m sure you remember, there are three major storylines vining together in my newest novel The Hushing Days. With the concept of the book being based on a true story, there were certain parameters I couldn’t cross without feeling as if I’d “ruined” the whole thing.

So, plugging in this fact with that fact and intertwining it all with yards and yards of hand-picked fiction, I wasn’t expecting much of a surprise when I stood back and looked at the near-finished product.

But there a lovely, fateful happenstance was, beaming up at me with “Now, aren’t I just freaking beautiful?” eyes!

While I can’t go into details for fear of giving too much of the story away…

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