What’s inside this abandoned island mansion?


You’re racing along the water, holding onto the wooden sides of the boat as the waves throw you back and forth.  The wind runs its slick fingers through your hair and the sun throws its glorious rays down upon you.  Everything feels amazing. You’re high on the undeniable beauty of Palawan and cannot wait to hop off onto your next island as you sail through El Nido’s infamous Tour C. Slowly your next destination emerges…What adventures await you here?

Approaching Matinloc Island What lies within?

As you disembark, the mood begins to change.  The sun shines a little less brighter and the wind lingers through your hair strands a few seconds more.  Dare you enter the unfamiliar concrete structure before you?  Come on in if you’re feeling as brave as teacake thought she could be…

Matinloc Island Mansion

You step through the dark doorway and things start to get creepy but your curiosity pushes you forward…

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