Insider’s tips: Beautiful British Columbia. Love from the first sight.

katekizi: living in Luxembourg, exploring the world

Vancouver has been ranked as the best place in North America and number fifth in the world not without purpose. Despite a high standard of healthy living and medical care, Vancouver attracts millions of tourists every year for its beauty and cleanliness. I have been in Vancouver for almost four years and I fell in love with this city as soon as I came out of the airport. The first thing you might notice is the politeness and courtesy of Canadians. Prepare to hear “Sorry” from locals about a hundred times a day. You also wont get lost, because there are a lot of volunteers who work for the government in a high tourist seasons. They have a special uniform and an Ipad to show you directions. The downtown area is very small. It takes 40 min to walk from one end to another. The public transportation operates in Vancouver…

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