The Middle Seat Is The Worst

Tiana Feng


Do you ever find yourself on a packed subway train and discover that the only empty seat is the middle seat? The one between two people.

Sometimes there’s a bag on it and you have to ask someone if you could interrupt their comfortably seated belongings. Other times there is a guy manspreading (spreading his legs and taking up two seats). They can be too squishy, especially when I am carrying my worldly belongings on my back. I try my best not to touch anyone as if everyone is made of lava.

A lot of times the middle seat exists because strangers don’t want to sit beside each other. However, I frequently discover after sitting down that the two people on both ends do know each other and I become the awkward fulcrum to a very weird seesaw. I listen to two people share their lives in great detail, without…

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Play 8-Bit Games on-the-go with the Arduboy 🎮


This is the Arduboy.  It’s a card-sized game system that allows you to play, create, and share 8-bit video games.  The tiny device looks very similar to the classic gameboy, but it a much smaller package.  It features a brilliant OLED display, soft-touch tactile buttons, a piezo speaker, an 8-hour battery life, and more.  The project has a goal of $25K on Kickstarter, which it has already by $65K.  You can reserve yours for $39 right here.


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