Cooperating with Criminals Does NOT Ensure Safety

357 Magnum

There is a long-standing myth that if you just “give them what they want” the bad guys will leave you in peace. This guy didn’t get that memo, apparently. SC store clerk shot in head during Pageland robbery | The Herald.

A witness told police a black man came into the store and demanded money and that after the woman gave him cash, he shot her.

Violent criminals do not stop being violent criminals because of anything you can do. That is a sad truth.

A gun may not have saved this woman – there are no guarantees in this life, except death and next winter’s snow. But meekly complying did not accomplish the goal of keeping her safe.

How you respond to a violent encounter requires a strategy. My strategy would be based around self-defense.

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Who will join Homer and Winston for the cat-off on Thursday?

Kim Harrison

Peri's Glass Phone Peri’s Glass phone

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It was a very tough choice, but I’ve narrowed almost 400 hundred cat photos this week down to five for you to vote on to find who goes to the big Peri Reed Cat-off contest this Thursday, (May 21) But first, we have to find the last cat, joining Winston and Homer. The winner of the cat three-way will be featured on Peri Reed’s phone as a cling. (This year’s freebie to help promote the new series coming out the first of September.
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I have a lot of honorable mentions. You guys have some seriously fun and beautiful cats.

To vote, pick out your favorite, and then send an email to with the name of your pick in the subject line.


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