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WordPress is trying to iron out this problem of readers being unable to post comments here, although they try: but WordPress has asked me to provide more information.

They want to know exactly what happens when you try to “Leave a Reply” but are not allowed to. I’ve gotten a lot of complaints about this, but I have no idea what’s causing it.

I also don’t know how, if you can’t post a comment, you’ll be able to answer my question so I can pass it on to WordPress.

Please be patient, we’re working on the problem.

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[Instagram|Photos|Trans] Kang Minhyuk says the weather is perfect to go on a date (05.05.2015)


150505-minhyuk insta1

mr_kanggun: I should learn how to swim.. what am I going to do if I fall and can’t get out of chichi’s eyes which is like a sea..

mr_kanggun: 수영을 배워야겠어..저 바다같은 치치 눈에 빠져 헤어나오지 못하면 어떡해.. https://instagram.com/p/2Sf5fQNK-g/

150505-minhyuk insta2

mr_kanggun: The weather is so nice these days, but there’s no use of going out to see flowers..because inside my house, I have Ttatta where I can see flowers floating in her eyes..

mr_kanggun: 날씨좋은 요즘 밖에 나가 꽃을 볼필요가 없네..집안에 노란 꽃눈 뜨고 있는 따따가 있으니까.. https://instagram.com/p/2SgtgYNK_a/

150505-minhyuk insta3

mr_kanggun: May 5th. The weather is perfect for the children to run and play..and for adults to have a date.. In the whole universe, I’m the only one whose playing alone.. Aish

mr_kanggun: 오월오일 어린이들 뛰어놀기 딱 좋은 날씨.. 여기저기 date하는 어른들이 더 많은 날씨.. 천상천하 유아독존 난 혼자서 놀거다 A씨.. https://instagram.com/p/2SiUVhtKxG/

Source: mr_kanggun @Instagram
Translated by: Miryong @cnbluestorm

Posted by: Camille @

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‘Goat Simulator’ is getting a ridiculous zombie survival add-on



Goat Simulator?s offbeat, knowingly glitchy gameplay is about to invade yet another genre: zombie survival. Meet GoatZ, a not-so-subtle jab at DayZ and other titles where you spend as much time scrounging for supplies as you do fighting off the undead. Coffee Stain Studios? add-on is just as nuts as you?d expect (pink crossbows, anyone?), and is almost too on-point with its send-ups. It has ?as many bugs? as other survival titles, and there?s a ?completely realistic? mode where you eat every few minutes ? because that?s what you do in these sorts of games, isn?t it? If that sounds at once hilarious and all too familiar, you?ll be glad to hear that GoatZ will be available for $5 on Steam as of May 7th, with mobile versions also on the way.

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Source:Coffee Stain Studios (YouTube)

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moving to opportunity and neighborhood effects: some sociological background


The New York Times posted a big feature yesterday on a couple of new papers by Harvard economists Raj Chetty, Nathaniel Hendren, and Lawrence Katz. The papers, like much of Chetty’s other work, use deidentified individual-level tax data to get at factors affecting income over time. In this case, they are interested in getting at neighborhood effects—in one paper, county-level effects on intergenerational income change, and in the other, the effects of the Moving to Opportunity experiment, which in the 1990s provided housing vouchers through a lottery system, on the same.

The big findings are that moving to a better neighborhood improves children’s income as adults, with the effects being cumulative. The experimental MTO data shows that each additional year of residence in the new neighborhood contributes linearly to an increase in adult income. However, the effects of a move zero out around age 13, after which they may be…

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