The market place rules.

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The market place rules.

The market place rules.

It demands that education be cheap and perfunctory, a baby sitting service run by those who are there to make a profit.  It demands prisons be full so that those who run them can be there to make a profit.  It demands that police be few so that no money is wasted on the useless neighborhoods where crime may flourish.  There is no profit there.

The market place rules.

It demands that politics be a game of those bought and sold and that with ownership goes privilege.  It demands that information and ideas be meted out freely and that eyeballs are made to be distracted and that societal discourse be a large game of constant cumbaya ….. lets salve the weary minds and bodies of the stuck, put upon wayfarers just trying to get through the night.  There is no power with them…

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Red Nose Reality

Writing and Reflections


He saw it by the dusty curb

dull and discarded

Slipping it into his pocket

he headed home

Turning the key in the door with the faded numbers

He announced his arrival

in this place beneath the neon light

that flashed “Weekly”

His sister sat criss-crossed

on a carpet that hosted too many shoes

as her own tennis shoes, holes in the soles

lay discarded in the corner by a stack of school books

Hunger abated, at least this night,

she recounted stories of others

who joined her in that small room

shuffling in line for their daily meal

A blaring old television

taunted them with visions of hope

as those who never knew cold

pledged allegiance to the cause

He pulled that red nose from his pocket

and affixed it to his face

His sister’s infectious laughter

combatting their struggle for a sweet moment

As the millions raised their…

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