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Detail from Denatured Structure by Anna Montgomery

pink magnolia
petals cascade
within the space
between the cast-
iron bed frame
and moments of passion,
my semiotic erotica

existing in the same
space as I read an
American Hybrid
Anthology – Super
Target parking lot
transmissions capture
antipoetic phrasing

immersed in disruption
of a linear, temporal path
illogicality seems actionable,
implicitly possible,
delicious even

fragments rupture an
empirical process
while immanence
in Google searches
missives in ether
petitions to digital
gods, binary masters

memory terraforms
another exoplanet
spiral galaxy
mimetic minds
world building
half comprehensions
poems unraveling
in space-time

microcosmic bees
swarming my hive
incinerate the wasp
translucent frogs croak
a requiem . . . codification
stitches these seams

here in the room
where myths are born
Hypatia calculates an
elegant proof while
Sappho presages
a papal decree

all poetry is reduced
to ash, each word burns
away its discovery
this line will soon
alight upon…

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Monsters Smash Across the Warzones! in Mrs. Deadpool and The Howling Commandos #1!

Graphic Policy

This June – prepare to meet the strangest super team of them all as they emerge from Monster Metropolis and take Battleworld head on! Marvel has released a first look at Mrs. Deadpool and The Howling Commandos #1 – a new Secret Wars series! From blockbuster Deadpool writer Gerry Duggan and artist Salvador Espin comes an explosive new adventure as Deadpool’s betrothed and a monstrous legion venture across Battleworld and beyond! Monster Metropolis – an underground city buried deep below Manhattan. Brimming with monsters, creeps and spooks – the city is home to any and all things that go bump in the night. It’s ruler – Shiklah, undisputed Queen of the Monsters! In her world, she ruled over all monsters with her husband Deadpool, the Merc With a Mouth. But on Battleworld, nothing is as it once was. With her husband now deceased and her city now residing beneath…

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Color Correcting and Enhancing Video in Photoshop

Photofocus (old site)

Whether you want to fix a problem or simply give your video more style,Adobe Photoshop can help. I’ve put together an in-depth article to walk you through all the essential steps of fixing your video shots using tools you may already be familiar with.

PSV handout.pdf

Why Color Correct Video in Adobe Photoshop?

When Adobe unveiled the robust video editing capabilities with Photoshop CS6, the response from many was a simple “Why?”  In some regards this is a legitimate question as for most, Photoshop is closely linked with digital photography.

It’s the tool used to develop and process images captured by cameras into a more useful state. Of course, why can’t the same logic be applied to both video and photographic cameras (especially since these cameras seem to often be on a collision course as well)?

PSV handout.pdf

A Brief History of Photoshop and Video

It’s important that you realize that Photoshop and Video…

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Moving pictures, #13

It Doesn't Have To Be Right...

I was looking at my film-watching records – yes, I have a spreadsheet of which films I’ve watched, and when – and I noticed in 2013 I watched on average around 16 DVDs a month. Last year, that almost doubled to 30 DVDs a month. This year, I expect it will be much higher. I have yet to figure out why…

darlingDarling, John Schlesinger (1965, UK). Julie Christie plays a model in Swinging Sixties London, with a nice but dim husband at home, who has various affairs before eventually marrying an Italian count who proves mostly uninterested in her once they’ve tied the knot. The parallels with Grace Kelly’s life are left there for the the viewer to spot. Dirk Bogarde plays Christie’s manager, and he also has an affair with her. Mostly, however, the film is an acid commentary on the more affluent sectors of London society – an expensive…

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