Watch This Woman Propose To Her Girlfriend Minutes After Ireland Legalized Gay Marriage

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May 23, 2015 at 04:57PM

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Person of Interest s3 ep 8


38 numbers. Now we’re talking. Finch quickly deduces that they’re all HR, suggesting that they’re about to kill or be killed. “Things”, Finch observes, “are about to get chaotic”. What he and Reese don’t yet know is that Carter is stirring the pot: HR is trying to increase its take from a Russian drug gang; the Russians are unwilling to pay; and Carter sees the opportunity to start a war.

Her motivation – avenging the death of Cal – is clear enough, although the lengths she’s prepared to go to, and the risks she’s willing to take, are huge. Nor is it entirely clear why she’s so determined to go it alone; OK, she doesn’t want to expose Fusco to risk, but Reese and Finch live for that kind of thing. On the other hand, her plan’s a good one, and she makes an exceptional job of executing it, showing…

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Budget changes will benefit children – Dr Lance O’Sullivan


Northland GP and New Zealander of the Year says the Budget announcement of more money for beneficiary families and the requirement to seek work when the youngest child turns three is a good move:

Dr O’Sullivan says in the Northland communities he works in, the kids of beneficiaries are often better off out of the home because they’re less exposed to social dysfunction.

“Now that could be alcohol, drug abuse; that could be violence; that could be mental health problems; that could be problems with incarceration,” says Dr O’Sullivan.

He says putting those children into childcare during the day ensures they have some good role models early on.

“I think we should be able to expose them to positive environments, keep them warm, safe and dry and give them a learning opportunity that will prepare them for school. I don’t believe we should waiting until they’re five.” . . .

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Preview: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #3

Graphic Policy


Script: Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
Art: Robert Hack, Jack Morelli
Cover: Robert Hack
To Hell and Back Variant Cover: Robert Hack
On Sale Date: 5/27
32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.
For TEEN+ readers.

It’s the night before Halloween, the night before Sabrina’s sixteenth birthday, the night of the blood-moon and the lunar eclipse, and Sabrina has made her decision: She will go into the woods of Greendale as a half-witch and emerge…on the other side of a frightful ritual…as a fully baptized member of the Church of Night. But there will be a cost, and his name is Harvey. And unbeknownst to Sabrina and her aunts, there is a serpent in the garden, their great enemy Madam Satan, who is conspiring against them…


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How many is too many?

Terribly Write

How many mistakes are acceptable in a sentence? Zero? One? Two? Three? That’s what seems to be okie-dokie over at Yahoo! Style, where the writer misspelled French Riviera, used the wrong preposition in what should be arriving at, and banged out dressed instead of dress:

rivera sty 2

In baseball, that would be three strikes, sending the batter to the dugout. I wonder where Yahoo! sends its writers who strike out. Oh, yeah. Yahoo! sends them to their next writing assignment.

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May 23, 2015 at 11:30AM and here is the latest weather for Burt,Michigan. #burt #michigan #taymouthtownship

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May 23, 2015 at 11:30AM

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