Un’analisi dell’intervento di Berlusconi a difesa della Russia, da Kissinger a Sergio Romano

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Putin as FSB director, 1 January 1998 Putin as FSB director, 1 January 1998

di Michele Marsonet. La lettera di Silvio Berlusconi “L’errore dell’Occidente: isolare la Russia di Putin”, pubblicata in prima pagina dal “Corriere della Sera” del 9 maggio, non rappresenta certo una novità. In essa l’ex presidente del Consiglio ribadisce la sua nota contrarietà alla politica del muro contro muro che, dopo la crisi ucraina, l’Occidente ha scelto di praticare nei confronti della Federazione Russa.

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Bright lights, black magic: Contemporary HK Lore

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After a mad run in the last few weeks, Hong Kong’s stock market is bracing for a crash landing – all the moreso now that a certain TV series, widely considered to be an infallible omen for a bear market, has popped up again on repeat. In the perfect synergy of Hong Kong’s obsessions with money, celebrity and, err, feng shui, the 90s stockmarket drama “Greed of Man” is believed to herald a downturn on the city’s bourse every time it appears. Wikipedia explains:

“The Ting Hai effect, also known as the Adam Cheng effect, is a stock market phenomenon in which there is a sudden and unexplained drop in the stock market whenever a film or a television series starring Hong Kong actor Adam Cheng is released.[2] It still remains as a popular topic among stock brokers, years after the television drama The Greed of Man was…

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Monsanto creeps into Europe via Ukraine, Covert War on European Food Security

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Monsanto’s Covert War on European Food Security

Working quietly on the back of political turmoil driven by Western special interests (including itself) Monsanto has begun literally planting the seeds of genetically modified organisms’ spread throughout Europe, starting in Ukraine and working westward toward the European Union thanks to a slowly but surely softening by regulators regarding GMOs, despite their widespread unpopularity.

Regarding this American biotech company and others like it, and their attempts to infest the planet with genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and in particular their attempts to corrupt the whole of Europe with their unwanted poison through a backdoor (Ukraine), has prompted Russia to speak up for their Eastern European neighbor. Up until the armed coup in 2013-2014, also known as the “Euromaidan,” Ukraine had adamantly rejected GMOs.

With an obedient client regime now installed in Kiev, a series of political, economic and military decisions have been made that…

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