Security の調査: ハッカーが物理的に侵入すると、大半の企業は数時間で丸裸にされる?

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Security: Low Technology Tools Highly Effective for Hacking Businesses
By Dick Weisinger – May 11th, 2015
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While businesses increasingly are beefing up security controls to prevent hackers from the outside from penetrating their computer systems, they often overlook their vulnerability from within their organization.  Low-tech hacking techniques for gaining access to systems can be very effective.
Seurat_23M recently conducted an experiment with the Ponemon Institute to uncover security vulnerabilities due to human factors.  It turns out that people within an organization provide a variety of easy vulnerabilities for hackers to exploit.  In the experiment, white cover hackers were sent undercover as a temporary or part-time worker into businesses.  After only two hours of being on site, in 88 percent of the trials, the hackers successfully obtained sensitive information.  Researchers wandered the area and were able to take pictures of computer screens and pick up and take document that…

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Birds Caribbean International Meeting in Jamaica: Exciting Updates!

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Students! Conservationists! Ornithologists! Teachers! Community Workers! Environmental NGOs! Scientists! And members of the Jamaican public! Are you ready?

White-Crowned Pigeon at the top of our guango tree The beautiful White-Crowned Pigeon, or Baldpate, sitting on the topmost branch of our guango tree in Kingston. (My photo)

A few weeks ago, I told you about the upcoming 20th International Meeting of the non-profit organization BirdsCaribbean at the Knutsford Court Hotel in Kingston, Jamaica (July 25 – 29, 2015). The theme is: “Birds: Connecting Communities and Conservation.” There is now so much more to tell you! It is shaping up to be a very exciting event, with great keynote speakers, adventurous field trips, absorbing sessions on a range of topics, Jamaica Day, book launches, and more… You can find the details on all the activities listed below on the BirdsCaribbean meeting website: which is being continuously updated; and keep up to date with all the news on Birds Caribbean’s Facebook…

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Sunday reading list: May 17

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Sharing links that would otherwise clog up my Facebook feed:

– Stress is good for you. I SAID STRESS IS GOOD FOR YOU!

– Thou shalt not bear false witness, unless you’re trying to uphold a theocracy.

– Our punditocracy (not just one network) needs more Jon Stewarts to call b.s. on them.

– I don’t like Vox trying to project doom for all other big sports events from Brazil’s World Cup white elephants, but seeing Brazil’s stadiums used as parking lots and wedding sites should serve as some sort of cautionary tale.

– We have the cure for homelessness. Do we have the will to do it?

– The 20 greatest standup specials of all time. (Well, technically, of the era since standup specials were recorded and broadcast.)

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