Guinness World Records’ Snowman Challenge

Resha Damania


It was minus 30 degrees with wind chill but nobody seemed affected by these weather conditions in the slightest. There was only one thing on everybody’s minds and it was breaking the Guinness World Record for the number of snowmen built in one hour.

Nearly 500 people gathered at the TD Place Stadium on Feb. 1 to participate in the snowman building challenge which was part of the six-day Cracking up the Capital comedy festival.

The participating teams looked excited, determined, energetic and ready to take on the challenge. There was only one problem – the snow conditions that day were not the best for snowman-making.

The dry, flaky snow had Dave Parker, from Team Magenta, thinking they weren’t going to make it that day.

“The snow isn’t cooperating with us,” says Parker. “With the right kind of snow we could probably break the record in about half an hour.”

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